New FlexSqueeze theme revolutionizes online marketing! Enhanced features make FlexSqueeze the fastest way to create profitable niche WordPress blogs. Power of this is that you can make your sales letter or squeeze page part of your actual blog and remove all of the leaks that a blog has at the same time. Creat Custom Squeeze Sales Page: Such as the WP Robot Coupon Check out the Demo site now!

FlexSqueeze Theme Review

FlexSqueeze Theme Demo

Another review of FlexSqueeze theme is an Ecommerce Affiliate Store Theme For WordPress. The FlexSqueeze turns any WordPress blog page into a custom sales pages. If you can create a page in WordPress, you can easily build your own custom squeeze page with FlexSqueeze.

Dwnload FlexSqueeze Theme now……

FlexSqueeze was Built for Internet Marketers, Not only creat Custom Squeeze Sales Page, Also it is an excellent theme for creating niche sites for affiliate marketing or AdSense profits.

Features designed specifically for internet marketers include:

  • Top feature area for displaying affiliate products, e-mail opt-ins, videos or any type of widgets
  • Footer feature area for displaying more offers or products
  • Easily insert AdSense or other PPC advertising in your site
  • Insert banner ads with JavaScript or HTML
  • Remove post meta data easily in the theme options
  • Easily insert any footer scripts or tracking codes
  • Export your theme settings to duplicate profitable niche sites quickly
  • Easily use custom header images specific to your niche
  • Use FlexSqueeze skins for instant targeted niche sites

The best FlexSqueeze Theme Skins Create Instant Niche Sites.

Skins are easily imported into FlexSqueeze theme and they instantly change all 250 theme options. After importing the skin settings file and uploading any included custom images, your niche site is complete in just a matter of minutes. Skins are available at no charge for premium members and a small $9 charge for non-members.

I think the FlexSqueeze Theme is cheap (Single license : $129.99 ). If you buy the FlexSqueeze, it comes with almost you needed, such as the in over 250 squeeze page images, FlexSqueeze add-on skins, FlexSqueeze header images, FlexSqueeze Video Tutorials and more. So many flexsqueeze tutorials and you can study with the FlexSqueeze Video Tutorials.

As an added bonus, you’ll also receive access to an ADDITIONAL 250 professionally designed sales page images at NO EXTRA COST! These images include all types of buttons, icons, bursts and even sales page headers. They are available for instant download as soon as you purchase FlexSqueeze.

Only Purchase FlexSqueeze Theme now……

FlexSqueeze theme revolutionizes online marketing! Enhanced features make FlexSqueeze the fastest way to create profitable niche WordPress blogs.

You’ve seen good squeeze pages before, and you know you trust more attractive, professionally designed pages. If your squeeze page looks good, your visitors know you stand behind your offer. This results in more authority and trust placed in you, the seller. If you want to look cheap and unprofessional, keep using your current squeeze page and you’ll never know how many sales you’re losing!

Attractive sales page = Better conversion rate

Better conversion rate = More money in the bank!

You don’t want prospective leads or customers thinking you’re a flaky operation. You want and NEED to create an aura of complete professionalism on your site. This starts with the visual presentation of your sales offer. FlexSqueeze gives you all the elements you need to create the ultimate squeeze page!

FlexSqueeze theme

Mian Features of FlexSqueeze Theme for WordPress

  • All the features of Flexibility 2 plus major theme enhancements such as custom search box text, more flexible tag and category options, more font style choices, enhanced sub sidebar widget code, built in pagination navigation, new theme skins and much more! If you haven’t experienced Flexibility 2, I encourage you to grab a free download and see for yourself!
  • Turn any WordPress blog page into a custom sales squeeze page just like this one with one click! No messing around with external files or FTP uploads. The sidebar magically disappears and you have a nice clean space for online sales or promotion.
  • FlexSqueeze includes built-in squeeze page header images that are selectable in the theme options. You can even upload your own custom header images! Set your sales page title and tagline separate from the rest of your blog.
  • Customize your squeeze page colors, width, fonts, header image, title, navigation, footer and much more! Squeeze page settings are independent from your main blog, so you can have a completely different look for your squeeze page!
  • New settings import/export feature allows you to customize one blog, then export your settings to multiple FlexSqueeze blogs in seconds! No need to redo your settings, just rapid-fire blog deployment! Just import, activate your plugins and you’re open for business! PLUS you maintain all the behind-the-scenes customization the theme is renowned for!
  • Faster page loads due to new proprietary code! Blogs powered by FlexSqueeze are now use a static stylesheet which improves page load times dramatically! Faster page loads mean better SEO and spiderability.

Stay with me, there’s more!

  • New built-in image uploader makes it super simple to upload your custom blog graphics. No more FTP upload or clunky plugins. Upload custom theme graphics directly from the theme options page.
  • New AdSense-ready one-click page layout! Instantly create a Google AdSense-optimized page layout that is perfectly dimensioned to display the most popular ad sizes. Easily insert AdSense ads in 5 different locations with point-and-click ease from the theme options page! No plugins required!
  • New FlexSqueeze skins for super fast niche sites! FlexSqueeze can get your niche sites up and running faster than ever before! Choose from the collection of skins and have a targeted niche site up in minutes! View niche skins
  • Seamless transition from Flexibility 2! If you already have Flexibility 2 running your blogs, the transition to FlexSqueeze will retain all your customization settings and give you all the enhanced features of FlexSqueeze. See the video on our tutorial page on how easy it is to upgrade to FlexSqueeze from Flexibility 2.
  • If you order today, I’ll throw in over 250 squeeze page images! Easily upload any of the included buttons, arrows, icons and burst images for use on your blog or squeeze page. Images are the highest quality PNG format for professional presentation! If you want editable vector artwork to customize the graphics, check out my new Squeeze Page Vector Pack!
  • Includes many, MANY pre-styled squeeze page elements! I wanted to make this the EASIEST squeeze page software ever, so I include a TON of list formats, boxes, testimonials, sign-up forms, highlighting, bolding, and much more. Edit your page in WordPress or use the included HTML file in any editor to quickly create the perfect sales page. All the styling and graphics seen on this page are INCLUDED with the theme!

FlexSqueeze Theme Price:

Buy Flexsqueeze Theme For wordpress

6 Effective Video Squeeze Page Templates

6 generic video squeeze page for catching leads. Easy to edit and with a twitter button to make people who sees your landing page to tweet it.  Build Your List Quicker with Effective Video Squeeze Page Templates, Choose from a wide range of quality squeeze page templates that will guarantee to get emails and leads for you product launches or marketing campaigns.

1.Generic Squeeze Page Template

Generic Squeeze Page Template

Generic Squeeze Page Template

2. Generic Squeeze Page Template Red

Generic Squeeze Page Template Red

Generic Squeeze Page Template Red

3. Generic Squeeze Page Template Green

Generic Squeeze Page Template Green

Generic Squeeze Page Template Green

4. Simple Video Squeeze Page Template

Simple Video Squeeze Page Template

Simple Video Squeeze Page Template

5. Boxed Video Squeeze Page Templates

Boxed Video Squeeze Page Templates

Boxed Video Squeeze Page Templates

6. Generic Squeeze Page Template Red

Minisite Like Video Squeeze Page Template

Minisite Like Video Squeeze Page Template

A video squeeze page template that looks like a minisite with a huge headline that you can edit with the video and email optin below. You may also add some text describing the benefits of signing up for your offer.


Build Your List Quicker with Effective Video Squeeze Page Templates,  6 Effective Video Squeeze Page Templates.

Would like use FlexSqueeze the fastest way to create Squeeze Page layout WordPress blogs, Full FlexSqueeze Review!


If you don’t like above 6 Video Squeeze Templates. Do not give up. Look more 56 beautifully designed
Video Optin templates. Not only are there 56 beautifully designed Video Optin templates, but there are loads of bonus templates, graphics and tons of instructional videos.

If you’re ready to get serious about generating leads, sales and traffic using video then these templates are your starting point.

On Tuesday, November 17, I get a news from my friends over at Unique Blog Designs, they releasing a FREE ebook Squeeze Pages 101.

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Squeeze Pages 101 is all about how to go from nothing, to collecting and building email broadcast that will directly affect how much money you’re making online. “It is a 32-page introductory guide to why building an email broadcast is important and how it can be accomplished via building squeeze pages.

Content tables of Squeeze Theme

SUBJECT 1: How To Build An Email List

SUBJECT 2: How To Make A Ton Of Money

SUBJECT 3: Why Aren’t You Collecting Emails?

SUBJECT 4: In Case You Didn’t Know About Email Marketing…

SUBJECT 5: Free Ebook About Squeeze Pages

I hope you’ll take advantage of this free resource because I know you want to make more money, but don’t take my (or their) word for it… And here are is a list or the top online money makers (John Chow) and businesses use Squeeze Pages to collect emails. 

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Yaro Starak

The list goes on…

If you are wants MORE leads, MORE customers, and MORE conversions?

Download free eBook, <Squeeze Pages 101>, to find out how top online marketers use squeeze pages as a tool to increase their customers and prospects! Don’t miss out – this eBook will only be available for a limited time!

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Receive the Squeeze Page 101 eBook –  an introductory guide to building your email list using squeeze pages.

Other news about Squeeze Theme affiliate program details:

If you are interested in promoting our new product, Squeeze Theme, pay close attention to details.

You can signup for the Squeeze Theme affiliate program here:

During this week, you can send affiliate traffic to, and the following week (during launch), all of your traffic will be tracked via our affiliate system.

Would like use FlexSqueeze the fastest way to create Squeeze Page layout WordPress blogs, Full FlexSqueeze Review!


Squeeze Theme is lauched, Visit Squeeze Theme review and buy with our Squeeze Theme coupon code to save!

Squeeze Theme Will Launch On November 24th

Squeeze Theme, the Squeeze Page Creation Tool for WordPress! Does NOT launch until Tuesday, November 24th.

So my Honest Squeeze Theme Review will not post until the Squeeze Theme really lanuch, So it could on November 24th night or November 25th.

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Squeeze Theme is lauched, Visit Squeeze Theme review and buy with our Squeeze Theme coupon code to save!


Use FlexSqueeze the fastest way to create Squeeze Page layout WordPress blogs, Full FlexSqueeze Review

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